For decades, the building housed the multi-state sales office for the Texas Oil Company, commonly known as Texaco



We wanted to pass along our love of contemporary art and what it does for us personally and emotionally to others in the community. There aren’t a lot of outlets, at least in this area for exposure to contemporary art outside of the wonderful Chrysler Museum or MOCA. So we’ve wanted to develop a foundation and have a place where we could share not just our collection and our passion but some of what we’ve learned and some of what we see, with others in the community. 

The interior of the building had been stripped to the bare brick walls and not a pipe or a wire remained in the infrastructure. But with 15,000 feet of raw, industrial space, Brother and Meredith saw a home for their vision for the Rutter Family Art Foundation.

“The Texaco Building,” located at the corner of Granby Street and Olney Road, was built in 1917.