"A lot of times the artistic response to what’s happening around us, whether its a refugee crisis or race relations, often feels a lot more authentic than the political or media response we see everyday. And because it’s more authentic, it might teach us more and might ensure more."    Brother Rutter



immersion: emersion   June 1 - July 14, 2018
Curated by Carrie Coleman Fine Art

 Adams: When Moon Messes Up

Adams: When Moon Messes Up

Carrie Coleman Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening of immersion:emersion, a curated exhibition of two Virginia artists, John M. Adams and Matthew Grimes. The exhibition featuring deconstructed paintings and mixed media works opens Friday, June 1, and will remain on view through July 14, 2018.

Employing unique individual approaches, Matthew Grimes and John M. Adams create work that is a reaction to immersion within specific environments. Each artist physically deconstructs and reconstructs major elements, altering their interpretation of the initial experience and developing new relationships between intention and memory. This juncture of disparate elements simultaneously causes tension and unexpected harmonies,blurring the lines between origin of experience and the structure of memory and ultimately format of the artifact. The work exhibits intricately fabricated compositions while relying heavily on exploratory yet confident gesture, nudging the viewer to ponder their own relationships with experience and memory.

 MGrimes: Articulos de Pesca

MGrimes: Articulos de Pesca

“My artwork activates the perceptual connection between artist, object, and viewer,” stated John M. Adams, featured artist. “This series consists of paintings that have been separated into strips and reconstructed in a way to create new relationships by being put into a new context.I’m interested in what happens when snippets of perception are edited, reconfigured, and compartmentalized to give them new meaning.”

“My intention is to bring to light the electric beauty of which falls silent to most passersby,” artist Matthew Grimes said of his work. “The act of paying attention to this serves as the genesis of my currently expanding line of deconstructed collage paintings. The streets, in particular of Santiago, Chile, are laden with posters screaming intentions via graphics, imagery, and words. Yet it isn’t the designed communication that pulls me in, but the allure of the endless decaying layers of juxtaposed color and texture producing in concert an almost silent chance of passive composition.”

immersion : emersion is on view at Commune daily from June 1 through July 14, 2018, located at 759 Granby Street, Norfolk, and is generously sponsored by the Rutter Family Art Foundation.

About Carrie Coleman Fine Art:
Carrie Coleman has an extensive background as an art dealer, having worked at renowned art galleries in Richmond and Philadelphia. In 2010, Carrie founded Carrie Coleman Fine Art to fill the void of high quality, affordable fine art in the Hampton Roads area. Carrie works directly with artists and with regional and national galleries to offer a wide variety of innovative and visually stunning works. She is excited to curate this show of fellow James Madison University graduates, John M. Adams and Matthew Grimes. www.carriecolemanfineart.com

About Commune:
Commune is a farmer-owned sustainable eatery, cafe, bakery, and event venue using local ingredients to serve delicious and conscientious food and drink. Located at 759 Granby St, Norfolk, Virginia, within the Norfolk NEON District. Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:00am–3:00pm; Friday - Sunday, 8:00am-4:00pm. www.communevb.com/commune-norfolk

About The Rutter Family Art Foundation:
The Rutter Family Art Foundation exists to support nonprofit arts organizations in Hampton Roads and to bring contemporary art to the widest possible audience. The Foundation operates from the historic Texaco Building on Granby Street in the heart of Norfolk's NEON Arts District.




The Rutter Family Art Foundation partners with the Chrysler Museum to have events supporting the openings of major art shows and Third Thursday events. Also, support is given to nonprofit arts organizations in our area by offering free living space for visiting artists or guest lecturers. This allows visitors to our city to enjoy the Arts District and participate with the creative community during their stay in Norfolk. To date the Rutter Family Art Foundation has plans to welcome guests of the Chrysler Museum, the Virginia Symphony and the Governor’s School of Art.