"A lot of times the artistic response to what’s happening around us, whether its a refugee crisis or race relations, often feels a lot more authentic than the political or media response we see everyday. And because it’s more authentic, it might teach us more and might ensure more."    Brother Rutter



something beautiful   October 19, 2018
Curated by Jason Hawkes, Cardinal Skate Shop

Showcasing and celebrating the art of skateboarding and the culture and community of skateboarders that make the NEON District vibrant, Jason Hawkes, owner of Cardinal Skate Shop, stepped into the role of curator, featuring more than 15 artists using skate decks as their canvas.

Something Beautiful is in collaboration with the 4th Annual NEON Festival.

Exhibiting Artists: Andrew Mullally, Torie Topor, Johny Fresh, Dennis Thomas, Ryan Besch, Jason Lawyer, Andy Harris, Hampton Boyer, Trevon Morris, Maury Blankenship, Jesiah Atkinson, Toybox Monster, Andrew Currency, Brock Saunders, Dylan Silliphant, Jamie XV, Scott Walker


This exhibition has been generously sponsored by the Rutter Family Art Foundation. The Rutter Family Art Foundation exists to support nonprofit arts organizations in Hampton Roads and to bring contemporary art to the widest possible audience.




The Rutter Family Art Foundation partners with the Chrysler Museum to have events supporting the openings of major art shows and Third Thursday events. Also, support is given to nonprofit arts organizations in our area by offering free living space for visiting artists or guest lecturers. This allows visitors to our city to enjoy the Arts District and participate with the creative community during their stay in Norfolk. To date the Rutter Family Art Foundation has plans to welcome guests of the Chrysler Museum, the Virginia Symphony and the Governor’s School of Art.