"A lot of times the artistic response to what’s happening around us, whether its a refugee crisis or race relations, often feels a lot more authentic than the political or media response we see everyday. And because it’s more authentic, it might teach us more and might ensure more."    Brother Rutter



Curatorial Fellowship - Slouching Toward Sunshine, March 9 - April 15, 2018
Curated by Kimberly McKinnis

Slouching toward Sunshine_poster.jpg

The spring exhibition at Commune in the heart of the NEON arts district will feature new works inspired by the social and economic climate of the past two years. Inspired William Butler Yeat’s famous work, “The Second Coming” written just after World War II, the show will reference the cyclical nature of history. Produced by the Rutter Family Art Foundation, the show will feature both two and three dimensional works, performance, and programming by the Pittsburgh based project, Conflict Kitchen. The name of the exhibition nods to Joan Didion’s 1968 collection of essays about her personal experience of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, California in the 60s entitled, Slouching Toward Bethlehem— taken from the very last line of Yeat’s 1919 poem. Organized by Curators: Doddie Braza, Hampton Boyer and Kimberly McKinnis. The show aims to create a conversation about political turmoil and inspire action for change. Participating Artists include: Kim Abeles, Casey Kauffman, Laurie Lipton, Michael Childress, Othello Gervacio, Travis Millard, Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Benjamin Wright, and selections from the Protest Banner Lending Library.

Each year the Rutter Family Art Foundation sponsors a Curatorial Fellowship. The fellowship supports the mounting of an exhibition in the contemporary art space, located in the heart of Norfolk, Virginia's NEON arts district. Applications for the fellowship are available in the fall and announced every January. 





The Rutter Family Art Foundation partners with the Chrysler Museum to have events supporting the openings of major art shows and Third Thursday events. Also, support is given to nonprofit arts organizations in our area by offering free living space for visiting artists or guest lecturers. This allows visitors to our city to enjoy the Arts District and participate with the creative community during their stay in Norfolk. To date the Rutter Family Art Foundation has plans to welcome guests of the Chrysler Museum, the Virginia Symphony and the Governor’s School of Art.