"A lot of times the artistic response to what’s happening around us, whether its a refugee crisis or race relations, often feels a lot more authentic than the political or media response we see everyday. And because it’s more authentic, it might teach us more and might ensure more."    Brother Rutter



ART OF DYING     Opening October 20
An Exhibition of Creative Death Awareness Curated by John Wadsworth

The Art of Dying is the highest Art of Living. We know that we are more than we appear to be. We sense our real Presence beyond the ephemeral identity we sustain while immersed in this humancentric dream. Death liberates us from our limited perspective. Illumine your Life through creative Death Awareness. 

Be conscious of your ephemeral identity’s daily dissolution. Illumine your Life through the Art of Dying.


+ Dana Abrassart
+ Claudia Bicen
+ Derrick Borte
+ Amy Louise Brandt
+ Paula Ceballos
+ Helmuth Humphrey
+ Pia Interlandi
+ Joost Jordens
+ Melissae Lucia
+ Daniel Ortega
+ Charlotte Elizabeth Potter
+ Charles Rasputin
+ Steve Roach
+ Robin M. Rogers
+ Mike von Rotz
+ Leslie Ruckman
+ Sarah Treanor
+ John Wadsworth



Curatorial Fellowship, date to be determined

Each year the Rutter Family Art Foundation sponsors a Curatorial Fellowship. The fellowship supports the mounting of an exhibition in the contemporary art space, Work|Release, located in the heart of Norfolk, Virginia's NEON arts district. The Summer 2017 Fellowship will be announced in January. Click Here to learn more.


The Rutter Family Art Foundation partners with the Chrysler Museum to have events supporting the openings of major art shows and Third Thursday events. Also, support is given to nonprofit arts organizations in our area by offering free living space for visiting artists or guest lecturers. This allows visitors to our city to enjoy the Arts District and participate with the creative community during their stay in Norfolk. To date the Rutter Family Art Foundation has plans to welcome guests of the Chrysler Museum, the Virginia Symphony and the Governor’s School of Art.