You Are Always With Me   Opening May 20
The Work of Andrew Breitenberg


Each panel you see is an original print of a color that can never be made again. They are singular. And so it is with you. Never before and never again will we see a color such as you. You possess a perfectly original mix of dignity, character and memory.

When all these colors join together - we see the luminous truth born in community. How a color deepens and brightness at once, when it sits with others - somehow even more its own, when giving itself in to unified whole. 

[Steady on then - be quiet a moment - for worlds are forming in your heart.]

All work is printed on a very old Heidelberg printing press. The ink is applied and mixed directly onto the press rollers by hand and printed on heavy cotton. This produces a color which - at least on the molecular level - is unique.

Special Thanks:
Paul Schultz for tireless production and encouragement. No show without you.
Brother and Meredith Rutter for the generosity of the Rutter Family Art Foundation
Kevin Jamison and the entire Commune family.